Saturday, 20 February 2021

Welcome to The Mushroom Kingdom


I am going to grow mushrooms to feed my family because there is no reason why we all shouldn't be growing mushrooms as a permanent and expandable food source at home. I am going to trade spawn and provide the clearest instructions imaginable so that you can also grow mushrooms and ensure that you can be a valuable and dependable source of food for your family.

We will start with Oyster Mushrooms.

I have worked out all the details of the process, assimilating extensive amounts of information into my brain and I am going to share the information gathered in the clearest way with every detail and angle covered in the simplest form possible in order to de-mystify something that can benefit our families. Starting things like this are sometimes daunting or totally foreign because nobody provides clear and detailed information in one place.

We were born consumers, it doesn't have to be this way, I want to leave my descendants in a stronger position as producers.

I am going to document the entire process of creating spawn and multiplying it yourself for a perpetual supply of mushrooms, preparing and inoculating substrate and fruiting here,

I bought oyster mushroom spawn online a month or so ago and it is sitting in my fridge.

I have 6 x 1 Litre Kilner Jars for creating spawn jars to inoculate substrate(colonise grain with fungi network to grow mushrooms on a substrate such as straw or woodchips).

My buckets in which I will grow the mushrooms arrived last week and the snow has cleared this week so my Mum was able to bring me my pressure cooker yesterday(19th Feb 2021) for sterilising the jars to make spawn.

All the components have been sourced, Rocky has the rye grain, the next step is the starting of the process.

Bookmark and follow here if you want to be a valuable provider of food for your family and friends. I will be trading the surplus spawn I make for silver, artwork, crafts or food that you or members of your family produce. I am looking to establish connections with humans in order that we may facilitate a network of barter & trade, without fiat currency.

I will begin on February 23rd 2021 and post here.

Thank You.

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